What to Do If You Failed Your Exams

When exam results are out and new school terms are beginning, for some it will be a time of celebration, for others it is anything but. I am all for getting a good education, in all senses of the word, and I can see the value in getting exams too. I do think we need to keep some perspective when it comes to formal examinations though Security+ exam.

The good news is that in all three cases you can do something about it! If you don’t understand something, it is your right and your responsibility to ask questions and to seek and receive help. It may be you were unfortunate enough to have an uninspiring teacher who didn’t teach you in the way you learn best. It happens, deal with it and move on. Today more than ever, you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal and if you can’t get help from your teacher, look online or find someone else in your life to help you. We might appear to know very little, but many of us adults know lots of stuff and would enjoy sharing if you only ask!

Not working hard enough. Well, do I really need to say more about that? Just think about why that might be and who you are really affecting. Playing up in class may make you feel cool at the time and make you more popular than your more book wormy class mates, but who will pay the price long term? It won’t be your teacher. They might suffer whilst you’re in their charge, but in a short while you’ll just be another kid they used to teach. Your ‘swotty’ mates might envy your coolness now, but if they keep working hard, you can bet they’ll have the last laugh when they’re earning so much more than you and have a better car, house, new pair of shoes etc It won’t even be your parents. Lots of us rebel at school because we want to get our parents attention, but again, guess what, it’s only you who loses out in the long run!

The third reason, poor recall and exam technique is also not fatal. Your memory can be trained to make it more efficient and there are many ways to help make your revision more effective. Work out how you learn best (visually, by listening, or by walking through things in some way) and use it to your advantage. Your mind is the most miraculous machine if you only learn how to use it more efficiently. So you didn’t do so well in your exams. It doesn’t mean you are stupid or that you’ll never pass an exam. It doesn’t mean you are bad or hopeless or doomed to a miserable life. It just means you didn’t pass this time, don’t let it define you and how you think about yourself. Pick yourself up and then ask yourself some key questions and answer them really honestly. Write your answers down, it will make you think harder.




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