Want to Write a Book? – Prepare to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

So, you’re thinking about writing a book… You’ve lots to say and lots to tell about all kinds of things. Maybe you’ve even started a couple of books but haven’t finished them.

Occasionally it becomes necessary to stretch outside of our comfort zone and allow ourselves the freedom of creating. Success leads to more success. The first time I got up the nerve to try writing was inspirational Daily Guides for the Science of Mind Magazine. These were well received and gave me the courage to start writing a book.

It’s a good thing I had no idea what was entailed in writing a book. It took me four years to complete my book. Then the work began. First there’s the issue of getting the book published. I chose a “publish on demand” company.

There’s a lot more to getting a book published then I had thought. I just knew that I had to get it down on paper. The rest would take care of itself. Right? Unless you are an established well-known writer who has a publishing company and a staff of assistants Y2mate, you are it! Well guess what. I’m it! I’m the one who takes care of it all. There’s calling people about speaking engagements. There are people calling you about speaking engagements. There are workshops to write and present.

Never in my worst nightmare did I imagine I would have to give a speech. No one can force me to do that. Can they? Well, no. No one can force you, but if you want your book to go anywhere, you’d better get ready to start speaking in public. Talk about getting out of my comfort zone! I can hardly believe I’m doing it.

Advertising is an added issue. How and where do you advertise? Next I found out you have to give away books. The book you’ve written is precious. It’s your baby. How do you give it away? But when you give, you do receive. It is a Spiritual Principle and it is provable. I am still resisting a lot of what I must do to make my book known to the world. I believe it’s important and the work must be done.

There’s a website that must be setup. Must be? Is that really necessary? I asked. I was told, “Yes! It’s essential.” So, I learned how to build a website and found out what should go in the website. It isn’t necessary to build a website from scratch. There are many websites available with lots of interesting templates. Despite that, it does require a lot of research. It was a total surprise to me that I really enjoyed doing a website.

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