Revealed! How the IRS Gets the Chunk of Their Money

Most people file their taxes like clockwork each year because they wouldn’t want trouble with the taxman, and this procedure becomes so monotonous and routine that they automatically assume that its best to use the same procedure that they have been using for years to file their taxes; after all the final goal is to get the tax returns files and that is certainly accomplished by using this tried and tested method. What most people fail to see is that there are various ways to file taxes and depending on your specific situation not every way in suitable for you. While some may help you to save a lot and get significant refunds others may end up making you pay more. So it is imperative to evaluate your personal situation before choosing a tax filing procedure.

Let’s take the instance of a small business man who does not feel that it is going to make a big difference if a hot shot tax accountant files his taxes for him and he certainly does not want to incur the added expenditure Now in many cases this logic may work fine but then there are those intricate mattes where it would be best to enlist the help of a tax accountant or sometimes even a tax attorney who can help you to get out of IRS related legal tangles and offer tips on how to save on taxes by getting the deductions that you are eligible for but may have not known about them.

You need to understand, that as far as the IRS is concerned their job is to collect taxes, if you are misinformed about particular deduction and do not use it to your benefit don’t expect them to call you and inform you that they owe you money and you should come and collect. You may get some refund eventually but till then they will be happy to hold your money. So think carefully about the tax filing method that you are going to use.

Generally, most people opt for the tax preparation software; of course the advent of computer technology and this software have revolutionized the tax return industry. Even though remarkably popular, this software may not always be the right answer to your tax filing woes. It all depends on your circumstances, if there is too much money coming in and going out or if you had trouble with the IRS in the past; you may require an alternate method. Some of the other popular methods for filing tax returns include: online tax preparation, the paper and pen form, free filing through IRS, hiring the services of a tax accountant and E-filing.

People generally go for the method that they are the most comfortable with, for instance, a person who is not particularly net savvy may choose the pencil and paper old school form because in all likelihood he/ she has been filing his/ her taxes with paper and pencil for years and is the most comfortable with this procedure. However, just because you are comfortable with a specific method does not mean that it’s good for you.

Let’s take an example again; that of a businessman who has a philanthropic bone and makes several contributions to various charitable causes then he also pays for the office supplies for the jobs done at these institutions; he also travels out frequently and has earned handsomely through his investments in mutual funds, equities and bonds. Now that’s a lot of money coming irs lawyer in dallas in and going out and with that much financial information a layman is bound to be confused, a tax accountant on the other hand would know exactly where to put each expenditure and each dollar earned. And all of this data will have to be carefully analyzed before filing the tax returns. A tax accountant will be able to help you to get bigger refunds and maximize your deductions, consequently decreasing your taxable income. If at any point you find yourself at odds with the IRS, it is advisable to let a Dallas tax attorney handle the negotiations for you.


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