MBA in Media and Entertainment

You love business and you love entertainment. Maybe you are experienced in the entertainment industry and looking to further your career. Maybe you have expertise in a different area and want to switch careers. In either case, you are looking at getting a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) to accelerate your career in the world of entertainment.Do you really need an MBA to work in the entertainment industry? Which schools should you target? What kind of job should you look forward to? Here are three big things to think about as you consider your next career step mba degree.

MBAs are business people…not entertainers. Be 100% honest with yourself on your intentions for being an MBA in entertainment. Understand that MBAs are highly trained business people that specialize in the traditional functions of business. You will most likely work in marketing, strategy, finance, supply-chain management, or a similar function. If your passion is to produce music with the latest music mogul, an MBA is probably not the best path. However, if your passion is to start your own record label and control all distribution…now you are thinking more like an MBA.

I want an MBA and I want to work in entertainment…how do I get started? Each year there is a pool of MBA students with aspirations very similar to yours. Know that there is support for you not only at your school, but also across the country. There are multiple conferences held each year where industry executives meet and discuss new business trends. For example, the MBA Media Conference is a good place to start. Another tactic is to work for a more traditional company and focus on the entertainment sector. Think about how many companies leverage entertainment to build their brand and pursue some of them.

Jobs will come from networking…not on-campus recruiting. With only a few exceptions, entertainment companies do not recruit at MBA schools. Most entertainment companies hire “industry insiders” with relevant experience and contacts. Your main mission during business school will be to become an “industry insider”. This is easiest if you choose an MBA program in a strong media market. Los Angeles and New York are two great places to start looking. These schools will have the most targeted classes and the most connected professors. Still, your success will come from your ability to gain experience, exposure, and new contacts. Leave no stone unturned.

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