How Phone Counseling Can Be Effective to Treat Patients

Use of the Internet and other telecommunications technologies has been on the increase. This has caused some people to question whether counseling by phone is still an effective way to deliver psychological assistance to patients. Phone counseling has been shown to still be effective according to research. Patients benefit greatly from psychological counseling over the phone according to recent consumer reports. Face-to-face counseling sessions are still quite effective but counseling by phone avails unique benefits that improve patients’ response to the psychological help provided.

According to studies conducted on psychological counseling, about 68% of patients that received counseling by phone reported that they felt very satisfied with the sessions. 53% of the patients said that they felt somewhat better after a phone counseling session. The effectiveness of counseling by phone is reduced significantly for people who report feeling very poorly at the start of the counseling sessions compared to face-to-face counseling. Only about 31% of these patients responded positively to counseling over the phone as compared to the 54% of similar individuals who received physical counseling.

Counseling by phone is much more convenient than physical visits to a counselor’s office. It is also less costly and this benefit is important for many  people. A person who receives counseling by phone feels more in control of the situation and this improves the results of psychological counseling he receives. The anonymity enables people to be more open with the counselor and this increases the chances that the counseling will bear fruit.

For people who don’t have the financial ability to go to face-to-face counseling sessions, phone counseling is a good option that has a good chance of solving their problems. There are many free telephone counseling services that people can take advantage of in order to regain control of their psychological wellbeing. A person receiving counseling by phone is not distracted by physical appearance of the counselor and his surroundings. This increases the patient’s ability to focus on what is being said by the counselor. The fact that the patient is located in a familiar and safe environment improves the effect of the counseling session.

Compared to secular counseling methods, Christian counseling approaches psychological problems from a different angle. The spiritual angle with which Christian counselors approach patients’ problems can have a major impact on the effectiveness of the counseling process. Many people are used to getting help and advice from other people based on what they know about the society and what it teaches. It is a different story when the advice has the backing of the teachings present in the bible.

Counseling by Christians enables people to connect to their spiritual side and this enables them to come up with lasting solutions to their problems. People are more receptive to Christian counseling compared to secular counseling. This is because Christian counseling is not limited to societal teachings and morals although it also incorporates them into the process. Christian counseling makes a person’s faith a key element in his recovery process and when it is delivered over the phone, it is significantly more effective than face-to-face counseling.


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