Google Sites, Much More Than Just a Free Website

Google Sites is not just an application for creating web pages to give your company a presence on the internet. There are plenty of simplified template Buy Google Reviews based packages available; these are ideal for home, club or one man businesses. But if you need an application that can provide for the needs of a small or medium business requiring more than just a web presence then consider Google Sites.

The setting up and use of Google Sites requires no specialist programming skills and because it is web based, the mechanics can be managed from anywhere with an internet connection whether you are in the office or mobile.

Well one thing most people will be glad of is you will not have to learn specialist computer language; the only typing needed is your informational text, the rest of it is just clicking buttons or ticking boxes. The application will also upload all the information to the web for you. Setting up is a simple select and click procedure so should not pose a problem to anyone even those who have limited computer knowledge.

The initial part of the set-up is to choose a template from the great selection of templates Google are increasing constantly. Find one that represents the style you wish to associate in the colours or themes that may already exist within your company; or you may want to take the opportunity to go for a whole new re-branding exercise. Once you have decided on colours, styles and themes you need to look at what you want to include in the site, how many pages and what the content is going to be.

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