Commercial Dog Food Ingredients – What’s Best for Your Dog?

When you walk down the pet aisle at the store, you probably notice a number of variations of dog food. You will see different brands and food classified as wet and dry, canned and bagged. But what is the difference between all of these foods, what dog food ingredients does each contain, and which will provide your dog with the best nutrition? Read on to find out.What are the reasons to eat healthy food? -

The truth is, most dog food in grocery stores is high quality, complete and balanced. They are formulated to meet nutritional requirements for normal, healthy dogs. The right kind of dog food will contain a special statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO); this statement indicates that the product meets the proper nutritional requirements for dogs why is food safety important
. Along with the AAFCO, the FDA and DOA play a role in regulating the pet food industry. Together, these organizations work to make pet food safe. Purchasing foods that meet AAFCO standards is the first step to knowing the dog food ingredients are safe for your pet.

It is important to always read food labels to find out the ingredients, you want to do this for the same reasons you do it for yourself. Make sure that you can identify all of the dog food ingredients listed. It is known that some commercial dog foods are loaded with unnecessary ingredients and pet owners that are not okay with this should take that into consideration. Chances are though that food provided in stores is safe for your pet, for the most part.

Businesses in the Food Industry need to understand the importance of food safety and implement an effective food sanitation program in their facility. This holds true for restaurants, packaging plants, delis, bakeries, butcher shops, diners, and a slew of others.

Each of the following areas plays a large role in creating a safe environment for the production, processing, and packaging of all foods. When it comes to the preparation of food, so many food safety disasters could have been avoided if the proper actions took place. Remember the following topic areas to ensure a more sanitary environment for food preparation and handling.

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